Dolittle movie review.

Dolittle movie review.

Cast:Robert downey.jr,Harry Collet,Carmel laniado,Jim broadbent,Antonio banderas.

Director:stephen gaghen.

The main think in this movie is Robert downey.jr and cinematography.cinematography is good in this film.

This is adventures film based on the book called the voyages of Dolittle.

In the starting of the film, expection is more but in the ending the adventure is just wasted, because they easily defeat the villain.

Story line:

 The story line is hero is doctor and he can speak to any animals and birds.

Heroine was a adventurer and she left the hero for to get the magic eden tree,in this adventure her shipwrecked and she died.

hero lost his hope and run his days with animals.England queen donated a zoo to the hero for his special talents.

once a time queen was poisoned by her own men.hero wants to save the queen so he goes to take magic eden tree fruit but villain group distrupts the hero by break his boat and the movie goes like that.