Dharala prabhu movie review.

Dharala prabhu movie review in tamil. 

Cast; Harish kalyan,Tanya hope,vivek.

Director;krishna marimuthu.

Released date; 13 March, 2020
This is a remake film from hindi.after ppk  this film will lift the Harish kalyan to high level.the heroine is tanya hope, she also acted in very hit movie thadam.vivek done the doctor character in this film.vivek acting was good to extreme.

The story line is hero  is a sperm donor he has given birth to many children but he didn't  said  anything about that to his family.finally his family will findout that matter,
the climax is what will happen after that.

Parental guide;This is a good  film to watch with friends not with family because it contains some double meaning comedies.