Bloodshot movie review.

Bloodshot movie review.

Cast:vin diesel,Eiza Gonzalez,sam heughan,Toby kebbell,Guy pearce,lamorne morris,Talulah riley,Alex hernandez.


After fast furious this is one of the action film for vin diesel. The last fighting scenes in this movie was very excellent.

This is based upon that many movies like memory erasing and turn the hero into like  a robot to kill the enemies of the villain but it has own significance in bioengineering of humans to make them as superhumans.

Story line:

The story line hero was a military commando after he dies the us military donate his body to do research. 

The scientists bring back the hero as superhuman and erase his memory to kill the enemies of the villain.

After knowing this,hero wants to kill the enemy and the movie goes like that.