Best love story-Dia movie review.

Dia movie review.

Cast:kushi ravi,pruthvi ambar,Dheekshith shetty,Pavithra lokesh.


Music director:B.Ajaneesh loknath.

This is the best film i watched in recent times like this curfew times.

Kushi ravi acting as a introvert girl and expression are just vera level and awsome.

Exspecially pruthvi ambar he made a impact by his acting as adi.

Dheekshith shetty as rohit was super and lovable.

After watching this film you will just disturbed it is sure.

The dialogues and bgm score was super specially in that bike scene ,(bike giften by lakki to adi) it made mesmerizing.

Story line;

I wont tell the story line just go and watch this is must watchable film.