Bad boys for life(2020) movie review.

Bad boys for life(2020) movie review.

Cast:Will smith,Martin Lawrence,Vanessa hudgens,Alexander ludwig,Joe pantoliana,charles melton,Michael bay,paola nunez,Jacob scipio,Theressa randle.

Director:Billal fallah,Adil el arbi.             

The acting and combo of will smith and martin lawrence was awesome from the beginning of the bad boys movies.

In this movie also their combo super but there are many boring jokes and unwanted police rush for example in the intro of the hero there is a car chase and police rush we dont know why there is police chasing,because hero is also a senoir cop.

The starting of the film was super and interesting like villain shoot the hero and his friend resign his job to take rest but the ending there is a boring twist like villain was a son of hero(wasted).


The story line was hero was a senor cop. He and his friend killed many that one criminal's son taken revenge and wants to kill hero and all who involved in that case.but in that story there is a twist I mentioned above.