Asura guru movie review.

Asura guru movie review :

Cast:vikram prabhu,mahima nambiyar,yogi babu,subbharaju,jagan.


Vikram prabhu acting is good at this movie like his previous movies.mahima nambiyar looks gorgeous in this film.jagan as usual like previous movies has done both comedian and friend role.

Story line was hero was the psychatric patient he is fond of looting or robbing the money from others when the mental attack is come on his the starting of that film he robbed the train. So the police officers are searching for him. 
The climax is looks like a maari movie,in this movie the hero finally stuck villain (the police) with higher officials for his crimes.just like that in this movie there is cob he will take the money from hero and keep it with him,he didn't give that money to hero just like other indian movies he will stuck the cop to higher officials like commisioner.

 This movie is can be watchable for kids not for adults,because so many twist that will ruining this movie.